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The Good List

- things we're enjoying so far in 2020 -

Here's a few things that's brought some joy in 2020 and what's helped us stay sane during 'social distancing'. Enjoy!


1. Candles / Diffusers

Basically anything to make your home (only place we're going to these days) smell amazing! My favorite right now is the Lime Margarita candle found at Sara's House.

2. Homemade Bread

Sometimes you need to just get your hands dirty and knead some fresh dough! It tastes even better since you made it from scratch, I guarantee it. My favorite skillet bread recipe found here.  

3. Sunshine! 

Make sure to get outside, even if the weather sucks. Take a short walk or take a long route to get the mail. Enjoy fresh air and a change of scenery.

4. Something New

Whether that be a new wallet, pair of shoes, jewelry, etc. Sometimes something new that's just for us can be the 'good thing' we needed. I recently bought myself a new pair of earrings from Wildfire Home & Gift.  #treatyoself 

5. New Show / Podcast to binge

Anyone else obsessed with Ozark on Netflix? If you'd rather listen than watch, have you subscribed to The Girl Boss Life Podcast by Girl Boss Events founded by our friend, Crystal Swift? It's a great, short listen!

6. Crafting / DIY 

Do you have a go-to blogger that you follow for inspiration? Mine is found on Instagram, @angelarosehome, she knows how to stay on a budget and have fun with tools. Now we all actually have the time to craft / get our house projects done!

7. Whipped Coffee

I found a new way to make coffee that is a game changer!! Recipe found here.

8. Movement 

So many yoga studios are now offering online LIVE yoga sessions. Reach out to your local studio and see what they have available! My go to right now is Worthy Yoga located in Cincinnati.

Another way I've been staying active is Ring Fit Adventure. What started out as another game for my husband to play on Nintendo Switch, ended up being a fun, active way for us to work out together!

9. Furbo Dog Camera 

Yep, I'm one of those dog moms. I received this as a Christmas Gift but I use it every day! My dog sits in front of it now to wait for a treat... #spoiled

10. Some Good News

Last but not least, John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) shared a video recently that made my day. Watch it here.


This was inspired by Monica Scalf at Crazy Grateful. Check her site out! She sends out an email of three good things every week.


Share below what's bringing you joy during these crazy times! 


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