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5 Tips for Creating a Space That Speaks to You

Step One: Relax, this is going to be fun! I promise!

So often I hear people say things like, "I'm not creative" or "I always choose the wrong paint color." 

Trust me, you’re far more creative than you give yourself credit for.


Let's Take a Deep Breath and Start Simple

What do you like? What inspires you? How do you want to feel when you walk into your space? 

If those questions seem daunting, then think about your favorite book or movie.  What items do you love in your closet? Believe it or not, there are clues to be found in these questions. 

If you're into Jane Austen, you may be a bit of a romantic.  If you always go back to that same cable knit cream sweater, then perhaps you are drawn to neutral lights that can carry you through summer and into cozy winters. 


Get Inspiration Firsthand

Today, resources are EVERYWHERE! Pinterest, design sites, HGTV...

Still, nothing beats getting inspiration firsthand by visiting great shops, restaurants or other people’s homes. Get to know yourself, enjoy the process; after all…IT WILL be a process! 

Decorating isn’t something on your to do list to be conquered; it's meant to be fun! 


5 Tips for Creating a Space that Speaks to You

Once you're on the way to discovering your style, then incorporating these tips can help create a space that you'll love. 


1. Give your Furniture Permission to Moonlight

Nothing creates personality more than mixing pieces and using items in unintended ways.  Years ago I was gifted an antique dining buffet. It has been a dressing table in my bedroom (the silverware dividers were great for organizing make up!), as well as a coffee bar in my kitchen. Soon it will be a bathroom sink in our renovation project. So, if your dad offers up the beat up shop cart from his garage, take it! It might just make the perfect coffee table. Touches!


2. Consider a Collection Wall

Every space needs a point of interest. Collections can be stunning as well as personal. We've all seen a wall of framed photos. There are so many options!  What if you had a wall of mirrors in various sizes and frames, or even your grandmother’s silver trays, plates and serving pieces? Make it personal. If you're a book lover, what if you created a wall with your favorite quotes? On another note, use a wall to display your handbag collection. The ideas are endless!


3. Think Free!

Decorating doesn't have to break the bank. Look around, what do you already have to work with? Is there an odd chair in the family room that could look good with your new bedroom scheme? What about your basement or storage closet?  So often a can of spray paint can work wonders!  It's always fun to go shopping, but incorporating things you already own in a fresh way, feels creative and profitable! Before I set out for a find, I always go shopping in my own home first.


4. Add Texture

Include textiles, pillows and throws in your space. Texture can also mean elements such as wood, metal, baskets or iron. Texture provides the layer that keeps decorating from looking one-dimensional.

Picture a plain sofa. Now picture that sofa with a couple toss pillows, a pretty throw strewn across the back, a side table with a great lamp, a framed photo, as well as a small woven basket for remotes or whatever. See the difference?


5. Light Goes a Long Way

Want instant atmosphere? Turn off the overhead and turn on a lamp instead.


Finishing Touches

Growing up in Nashville, I can still hear those southern women say, "Honey, it's all in the little touches." I would watch them walk to the backyard and cut Black Eyed Susan's and fresh mint. They'd pull small oil and vinegar cruets from the cupboard; fill them with water and place their backyard finds inside. Those simple flower filled bottles were as pretty as any elaborate arrangement. Get creative! Cut tall barren tree branches in the winter and place them in a vase, display your summer vacation shells in a glass bowl in July, light your favorite candle, put on some great music...these are the finishing touches.

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