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Employee Favorites

Employee Favorites


A few years ago one of our favorite TV personalities came up with a great idea. She called it Favorite Things. Every year we'd watch her show or skim her magazine to see which items made the cut and we're deemed a favorite. As fun as those episodes were, I don't think you have to be famous to strike intrigue or excitement over your own list of favorites. I mean, isn't that what we do with our girlfriends over dinner, or coffee, or even just standing in line at the post office. When we find something we love, we so easily share, whether it's a fabulous new lipstick or that perfect brand of jeans that always seem to fit. Not only are these effortless conversations informative, they're inspiring! They give us ideas and direction for our own way of life, but even more, they help us get to know our friends, their personalities and uniqueness.

Here at the shop we know this all too well. Not every item is for every customer. That's actually one of the most interesting and challenging parts of owning a shop. It also explains why we love to mix things up and provide an eclectic range of items. The real fun is in making all of that come together in one lovely and hopefully inspiring presentation.

That said, we are dedicating the month of August to Sara's House Favorites. We would love to hear from you about some of your favorite purchases, whether it be a lamp, and home accessory, a piece of clothing, jewelry or purse. We thought we'd get the ball rolling by having each our team members share some of their favorites. Each one brings something special and unique to our little team, and I think that is reflected in their choices. Which reminds me...I am so thankful for these amazing women. They make our shop what it is! Hands down, they are some of my all-time favorite people!


Photos by Maria Vallandingham

Style Location: Benninghofen House Airbnb one Hamilton, Ohio

Items from Sara’s House


Now… First employee is…


Fave Food - any dessert
Fave hangout - Hamilton splash pads with baby Clark
Fave day off outing - Top Golf

Fave items at Sara’s House shown below: Jen Reid Art Prints and Book Journals



Fave Food - strawberries
Fave Hangout - front porch of her house in Highland Park
Fave day off outing - riding her bike on the bike trail

Fave items at Sara’s House shown below: Polka Dot Teapot and Volcano Candles


Fave items at Sara’s House shown below: Elle Landon Face Oil and Vintage Items



Fave Food - potato's prepared any way
Fave hangout - 2nd Floor of True West coffee house
Fave day off outing - hanging out with her husband watching The Office

Fave items at Sara’s House shown below: Joy Spa Body Butter and Baby Book


Fave Food - tacos
Fave hangout - balcony of her apartment at the Marcum, especially during River's Edge concerts
Fave day off outing - sleeping or laying out

Fave items at Sara’s House shown below: ABLE clutch and Earrings



Fave food - brick oven pizza
Fave hangout - her living room
Fave day off outing - antiquing, flea marketing, drinking coffee and hanging with family.

Fave items at Sara’s House shown below: 9 Lives Lamps and Vintage Purses / Dresses

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