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One of a kind finds at Sara's

One of a kind finds at Sara's House

One of a kind finds...truly one of my favorite things about owning a shop! There are so many items that I have come to appreciate in the seven years we’ve been in business. Creating a home decor and gift shop, with a bit of clothing and accessories requires carrying various products that are pleasing to our customers. I love our candle lines, our unique decor, books, journals and especially our large assortment of locally made pieces.

But, I have to say that my favorite things are our one of a kind treasures, the pieces that Dave and I and sometimes Maria (our daughter) have gone out and hand picked. Perhaps they’ve come from an antique shop, an auction, a flea market or even a field in the middle of nowhere! At times they’re basically ready to go with just a touch of cleanup. Other times they are in need of a complete re-haul! Often they reveal the glory of their former self and come with an interesting story. Many times they find new life and become something different that is beautiful and functional. Either way, it’s these items that bring me joy at every stage; the finding and gathering, the bringing home, the restoration and finally, the reveal as they make their way to the shop floor. In the end, I think this is what gives Sara’s House its personality. There’s something about mixing all these pieces - books, candles, new accessories, soap, pottery, art and gifts with vintage, antiques, repurposed and re-stored. It keeps things interesting, at least for me, I hope it does for you too.

Find our shop at the corner of High Street and Third Street in Hamilton, Ohio. It’s right next to a delicious cafe and across the street from a candy store and coffee shop! Can’t make it to Hamilton? Shop selected items on our online store:

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