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Sara's style

Quirky, weird or cool?  That is the question. And the answer is as varied as there are opinions on the earth. I personally believe beauty lies is in the eye of the beholder. Of course there are trends that seem to be universally appreciated as seasons come and go. But most art, and that’s what I’m talking about here, the artistry of our own style is purely personal.  When it comes down to it that’s what sets our homes and wardrobes apart. That’s what makes our spaces fun and unique. It’s also a bit daring.  Any time we dare to step out of the current trend we risk opinions or even disapproval.  But, that’s also when we risk creating our most personal style.  

I have these moments when I’m tempted, if for nothing else but the ease of it all, to go to a very simplified color scheme, or an all black wardrobe. Like a uniform, it could make things a lot easier at least for the morning routine.  But inevitably, right about the time I have the Goodwill bags packed, I come across some colorful scarf handed down from my grandmother and get thrown back into and dilemma of it all. The same goes for my house. I guess if I had to describe it, I would say it’s a healthy mix – just like the shop, of neutral, industrial, vintage, colorful and new. Sometimes it leans more clean, other times it borders cluttered. But one thing is for certain, whether anyone likes it or appreciates it, there’s probably gonna be some thing, some odd find that’s a little weird or a little quirky. It may hang around for years or just a season, but whatever it is, it’s going to find a home here.  Cool or not, I guess that’s just me embracing my style.

I found this plush vintage deer rug/wall hanging on a trip to Nashville visiting my parents.  It’s definitely an acquired taste but I can’t help it...I’m always drawn to these!

I found this lovely lady on the same trip to Nashville.  She was originally part of a traveling carnival.  Some artist took the time the cut her out of wood and hand paint her.  She currently hangs suspended in our kitchen!

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