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sara's house

I've always loved houses. Cottages, mid-century moderns, southern colonials, ranches, each one has its own kind of beauty.

My grandmother lived in a three room cottage. It was small but it had great bones and gorgeous woodwork. The ceilings were high and the rooms large enough to show off her parents handed down antiques. One of those was her 1901 Baldwin piano which she played everyday. That little house was filled with the scent of good food in the oven and the sound of great music and conversation.  I loved that House.

When I was 10, recovering from a bad case of chicken pox, my dad surprised me with a dollhouse. I was hooked!  It was nothing for me to spend hours laying carpet cut from fabric swatches and making furniture from what-nots. My biggest childhood hobby is somewhere in my parents attic today.

As a teenager I took to graph paper. Every trip to the grocery store, my mother would pick up a 30 sheet pack. I loved taking a freshly sharpened pencil and a ruler to a clean piece of paper. One day my mom took me to a downtown high rise to meet a successful architect. At 14 I had truly found my career path...until I learned of the importance of math skills!

Eventually, post college, married and working I landed in my own first house. It became the pallet and outlet of all my creative energy. Every Saturday Dave and I would set off to a different small town outside of Nashville to an antique shop, auction, or yard sale in search of inspiration and a bargain. Back then, repurposing was a necessity.  Looking back, some of those early projects were pretty laughable but we were learning.

As the years have gone by, 2 kids, 6 houses, careers, a decorating business and opening a shop, my love of houses and design has only grown. What has been an unexpected surprise are the people I've had the chance to get to know along the way. Having the opportunity to be creative as a career is wonderful. Being able to experience that joy, day in and out with great people, is its own kind of fulfilling  happiness.

Sara's House is made up of Sara and her family, they all contribute in unique ways. 

sara's house hamilton 

Dave: My husband is the brains behind Sara's House. He does so much for myself and the store, there would be no Sara's House without him. He creates our 9Lives line of custom lamps. They are all one of a kind, vintage items that find new life by making them into a lamp, desk, table, end table, and more. We believe these unique items make our store unlike any other!

Maria: My daughter has helped with every aspect of Sara's House. After graduating college, she is now full time with me at the shop, it's a dream come true! 

Drew: My teenage son makes our very own golf club bottle openers. He started making them at 14! He cuts the golf club and fits a bottle opener into each one.